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Ponda is a content producer and publisher for the digital age. Our mission? To shake up the broadcast and communications industries by developing new channels and platforms that allow us to bring the best storytelling to the right audiences as never before. As we go, we’re developing an unprecedented understanding of our audiences, allowing us to work with brands and broadcasters to ensure they reach the right people, at the right time, with the best content.

While we’re passionate about social media, we also believe that some stories demand more time to breathe, so we’re also developing a TV and film production slate, starting with our first feature documentary, Tell Spring Not To Come This Year, which recently had a highly acclaimed cinema release and picked up multiple awards.

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Zinc is a new online channel bringing provocative news, comment, and features to a young, global, and multicultural audience. Our mission is to challenge prejudice, break down boundaries between communities, and promote positive social action.

In our first four months, we've grown from zero to over 100,000 page likes, and we are regularly reaching audiences of up to 22 million people per video, with engagement levels often far surpassing those of mainstream broadcasters.

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Our first project Tell Spring Not To Come This Year is a feature documentary following two soldiers from the Afghan National Army over
 the course of their first year fighting without NATO support. This is the important story of the ongoing Afghan war told through Afghan eyes.


In Helmand’s Gereshk River Valley, where fertile farmland meets the harsh desert, lives Heavy Weapons Company, 3rd Brigade, 215 Corps of the Afghan National Army (ANA). This is one of Afghanistan’s most dangerous regions, nicknamed ‘bomb alley’ by NATO troops. In this remote outpost, we find the experienced Captain Jalaluddin and the new recruit, Private Sunnatullah. Tell Spring Not To Come This Year follows these two men and their Company for one year as they live, train, and fight side-by-side. Through their stories, the film examines what Afghanistan’s war really looks like from the perspective of those fighting it. Tell Spring Not To Come This Year takes an immersive, humanist approach to cinematic storytelling, getting under the skin of all aspects of the soldiers’ lives.

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