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Ponda Films is a new production company dedicated to telling fresh and contemporary stories about the world in which we live. With our roster of top production talent drawn from the worlds of documentary, current affairs and factual entertainment, we have the skills and experience to bring stories alive in the most creative possible way, whatever the genre. Between us, we have made numerous critically acclaimed films and series for the likes of the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Al Jazeera, Discovery Channel, A&E, and TLC. Above all, we believe in the power of filmmaking to change the world, and we have the track record to prove it.



Our first project Tell Spring Not To Come This Year is a feature documentary following two soldiers from the Afghan National Army over 
the course of their first year fighting without NATO support. This is the important story of the ongoing Afghan war told through Afghan eyes.


In Helmand’s Gereshk River Valley, where fertile farmland meets the harsh desert, lives Heavy Weapons Company, 3rd Brigade, 215 Corps of the Afghan National Army (ANA). This is one of Afghanistan’s most dangerous regions, nicknamed ‘bomb alley’ by NATO troops. In this remote outpost, we find the experienced Captain Jalaluddin and the new recruit, Private Sunnatullah. Tell Spring Not To Come This Year follows these two men and their Company for one year as they live, train, and fight side-by-side. Through their stories, the film examines what Afghanistan’s war really looks like from the perspective of those fighting it. Tell Spring Not To Come This Year takes an immersive, humanist approach to cinematic storytelling, getting under the skin of all aspects of the soldiers’ lives.

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Building on the success of our multi-award-winning documentary, Tell Spring Not to Come This Year (Berlin Film Festival: Audience Award; Amnesty Human Rights Film Award; Madrid Festival: First Prize), Ponda – a production company with a mission to promote positive social change through filmmaking – is offering a £10,000 completion grant for a new feature documentary. As a bonus, we’ll also throw in our blood, sweat and tears (not to mention our first-class production facilities, knowhow, and talented team).

In the 21st century, ‘British values’ are in the spotlight as never before. Thanks to mass immigration, the rise of Islamist extremism, and the struggle for emancipation of gay people and other minorities, what it means to be British is subject to constant debate and evolution.

We’re looking for groundbreaking documentaries that cast a light on this complex question. Whether it’s tracing the way that minority cultures have challenged and reshaped British identity, or examining a hotly contested area of British life, we are looking for outstanding and thought-provoking documentaries that reflect Britain’s rich tapestry of different cultures and communities.

If you think your documentary fits the bill, we want to hear from you. Your film should already be well on the way to completion, but in need of additional support to push it over the finishing line. We’re offering access to our executive producers, production managers and edit facilities, in addition to a £10,000 completion grant.

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